When we released the first version of SpeedTree, it was a novel concept. No middleware, which we’ve heard of, combined both artistic content and tools with a run-time that could be integrated into a game engine. Naturally, the video game development community was skeptical. When we debuted SpeedTree for Games at GDC 2003 in a […]

Update: Here’s a new video of the Wind Wizard, this time with some manual tuning after the initial pass. Done in version 6.2.3 of the Modeler. As the main person behind SpeedTree’s wind algorithm I can say this without hurting anyone’s feelings – tuning the wind in SpeedTree can be kind of hard.  It pains me to say […]

In Los Angeles this week? If so, please pay a visit to the IDV team in Booth #244 at SIGGRAPH 2012 (August 7-9, Los Angeles Convention Center).  Not only does the world’s largest computer graphics conference promise to be better than ever this year, but this will also be the first time we’ve shown our […]

With the release of SpeedTree Cinema/Studio 6.2 and unveiling at SIGGRAPH 2012 (Booth #244), we can’t wait to see the amazing things that film, animation and TV producers will do next with our modeling and rendering tools.  It’s truly exciting for us to see how talented animators and artists are using SpeedTree to create tree […]