SpeedTree 7 Features

SpeedTree for Games is an Award-winning 3D Procedural vegetation middleware product with fine-tuned art controls.  Includes Modeler, Compiler, Tree Library and full-source SDK.

Increased performance throughout, including faster instance paging, constant buffer updates, and shader optimizations.

Subdivision Surfaces

Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models suitable for hero trees.


For PlayStation® 4, Xbox® One, Windows (DX9/11/OpenGL), Xbox® 360, and PlayStation® 3.

Hue Variation

Each tree instance and/or each leaf can now be uniquely tinted, adding more variation with fewer assets.

Rolling Wind Effects

In the same way that real wind gusts through nature, SpeedTree grass and trees now react rhythmically and believably to anything from breezes to gales. Each leaf and blade of grass animates uniquely.

Image-Based Ambient Lighting

More realistic ambient lighting.

Game Modeler Features

Improved Leaf LOD

GUI Improvements

Floating License

New Generation Algorithms

Improved Control for Leaf Normals


Hand drawing

Draw branch structures directly in the viewport using a tablet device or the mouse.

Grow around props

Make trees grow around or inside arbitrary meshes from your world.


Then cap it realistically or delete individual branches & leaves entirely.

Scale resolution

Quickly scale the amount of polygonal detail without affecting the shape of your model.

World Building

World building with tree placement export directly from the Modeler.


Use forces to curl, twist, or gnarl any tree part.


Test real-time physics interaction, wind, and LOD all in the Modeler.

Weld branches

Branch welding means no more lighting seams or branch intersections.

Node Editing

Edit individual tree parts without affecting the rest of the tree. Our node-editing approach lets you tune or delete any branch, frond, or leaf.


Combine trees with texture atlases

Reduce the number of texture look-ups by combining textures from multiple trees into a shared set of atlases. Rotate and scale individual textures to ensure a compact fit.

Perfect billboards

Distant trees that transition into billboards match their 3D counterparts to a ‘T’; even under dynamic lighting. The Compiler outputs all the texture layers needed to pull it off.

Efficient binary file format

The Compiler intelligently computes and renders not only billboards and texture maps, but also efficient binary tree models.

Compiler Wizard

SpeedTree Compiler has a wizard mode that quickly gets your trees real-time ready, with simpler options.


Hue Variation

With the version 7 SDK, hues can be varied per-instance and per-vertex to achieve more naturalist color and texture effects. Size and hue variation can give the appearance of many unique trees with just a single tree model.

Image-Based Ambient Lighting

This new SDK feature makes it easy to use images, such as sky backgrounds, to generate ambient lighting effects that are more true to the natural light of outdoor scenes.

Rolling Wind

The Rolling Wind Control adds directional, wave-like wind effects for animating the natural motion of grass, trees and dense vegetation.


All new tree library

Check out our diverse library of trees for your next project.

Tree Library

Evaluate SpeedTree for Games

A 30-day, full-function evaluation of SpeedTree for Games is available for most engines, including custom and in-house engines. The trial software includes the award-winning SpeedTree Modeler, Compiler, and full-source SDK, as well as select members of the SpeedTree Library.

To evaluate SpeedTree for Games, or learn more about licensing SpeedTree for Games, contact us using the form below or fax/email the evaluation form.

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