The Industry standard for 3d Vegetation Modeling

SpeedTree Cinema is the award-winning 3D-modeling suite that allows you to
model, texture, and animate, both stylized and photoreal vegetation for VFX, arch/viz, or matte paintings.

Procedural + Hand Modeling

Model and shape any type of vegetation using a combination of procedural and fine-tuned art controls.
Preview and tune new advanced wind effects and create fine-tuned animated growth sequences.
Apply textures to your entire model with a few clicks, with export scripts for most popular DCCs and renderers.














PBR rendering in the Modeler window and a full non-destructive material workflow allows for accurate previews of your models without needing to switch applications.

SpeedTree 8 Features

Full PBR material workflow and rendering
New art direction tools and more intuitive workflow
 Batched leaves for faster performance
New one-click import scripts for popular rendering tools
Export trees as FBX, OBJ, or Alembic for any DCC or renderer
Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows


To build the SpeedTree 8 library we created a custom-built scanning rig and software suite that allows us to create 8k leaf and bark textures with all the requisite PBR maps. By partnering with an arboretum in North Carolina, we have direct access to thousands of species of trees from around the world.

The SpeedTree VFX LIbrary is a constantly expanding set of diverse models that are essential to any VFX workflow.  All bark sets include a height map to allow the creation of accurate displacement maps in the trunk geometry.

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Full Feature List

  • PBR Materials and Workflow- Full PBR rendering in the SpeedTree Modeler as well as new editing tools for materials allow artists to fine tune their models before exporting into your DCC.
  • Branch Extensions- Use child branches to extend their parents, providing greater control and smoother transitions to twigs.
  • Phyllotaxy Generation Algorithm- New generation algorithm based on how leaves naturally grow on branches.
  • Mesh Cutout System- Easily cut meshes to the shape of your leaf or cluster using our new mesh editor.
  • Spine Noise- New property applies late or early noise along the length of the branch or trunk.
  • Bifurcation Generation Algorithm- New generation algorithm automatically adds new child branches to create natural organic branch structures incredibly quickly.
  • Leaf Collision- New background running, polygon-accurate tool to automatically remove intersecting leaves or clusters.
  • Knot Generator- Completely reimagined approach for creating more interesting geometry for knots allows for more interesting gashes, knots, and scars.
  • Material Sets- Materials can be grouped into sets to allow edits across multiple leaf types or bark textures.
  • Discrete Season Approach- One .SPM model now uses a season curve to create unique trees at any point in the year.
  • Faster AO Computation-  New algorithm computes per-vertex AO on complex models in a fraction of the time.
  • Interval Generation Algorithm– New algorithm that places branches in a set interval.
  • Aspect Ratio Correct Mapping Use a new UV mapping style to automatically tile textures based on their aspect ratio and that of the underlying geometry.
  • Knockout and Pruning Procedural tools for eliminating clutter, especially interior portions of the model.
  • New Split feature Split trunks and/or branches and extend them with new generators for fine control and seamless UV mapping.
  • Shape Control Automatically fill in meshes or procedurally placed spheres with branch structures to achieve complex shapes.
  • Pruning- Automatically and intelligently reduce the number of branches across the tree.
  • Decoration Generators- New “Fin” generator allows the addition of more shelf fungus and more.
  • Material variance Randomly adjust material colors to create subtle map variations.
  • Built-in Spine Forces Commonly used forces like gravity are built in to the new branch generator.
  • Shell Geometry- Create more interesting trunks or stumps with the new Shell Geometry generator.
  • Art Director Tool- Allows intuitive shaping of the tree, whether shaping entire branch levels or a single twig.

SpeedTree Cinema

SpeedTree Cinema replaces Studio and Architect with a new lower price point and all the premium features.  Available as a short-term or perpetual license, the Modeler can be leased or purchased in full with or without the SpeedTree VFX Library.
SpeedTree Cinema Full License
Floating or node-locked
Animated growth and wind
Tools only Modeler
Compatible with legacy SpeedTrees and the new VFX Library
Flexible Licensing Terms
SpeedTree Library Subscription
Unlimited downloads of the VFX library
8k bark, 4k leaf textures
Includes multiple seasons and resolutions in each model
Requires Cinema license