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SpeedTree Receives 2015 Engineering Emmy

After a year of receiving top honors for its impact on movies and video game development, SpeedTree has been named the recipient of a 2015 Engineering Emmy for its significant impact on the television industry. The “Golden Age” of television has brought with it unprecedented levels of VFX on our home screens and with it […]

Epic MegaJam SpeedTree Prizes!

After a year of epic Game James, the team at Unreal is putting together what is sure to be a well, epic competition to celebrate. We’re thrilled to be a part of raising the stakes for this competition by offering some prizes to the winners.  If you haven’t had a chance to witness one in […]

San Andreas shakes things up with SpeedTree

San Andreas centers around the eponymous California faultline and the earthquakes triggered by a massive tectonic shift.  What follows the earthquake and its aftershocks is wide-spread destruction, tsunamis, falling skyscrapers, Dwayne Johnson using various land/air/sea vehicles to rescue his family, and of course a veritable boatload of technology to bringing it to life on the […]

Unkilled Features SpeedTree for Mobile Gaming

Zombies and SpeedTree Madfinger Games have created some of the best selling mobile shoot-em-ups including the Dead Trigger and Shadow Gun series. Unkilled, their new zombie first person shooter, boasts some of the most robust graphics available on mobile and was built with Unity 5.  This zombie and gun-filled romp through New York takes full advantage […]

New Subscription Modeler Perks!

Our  Subscription Modeler just got better… If access to cutting edge foliage generation for $19 wasn’t enough, we’re sweetening the deal with new perks for our UE4 and Unity 5 Subscription Modelers!  Starting today (September 1st) we’ll be offering anyone with an active SpeedTree subscription to UE4 or Unity 5 15% off of all assets […]

End Of Summer Asset Sale!

SpeedTree End Of Summer Sale Summer may be winding down, but we’ve got big plans for SpeedTree this fall.  To kick things off,  we’re celebrating the imminent change of seasons with a store-wide sale on our Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 assets.  All our packages and models have been cut by 40% until September […]

The Watery World of Submerged and SpeedTree

Uppercut Games is no stranger to creating compelling environments. From their past experience working on AAA titles such as Bioshock to their mobile game hits Epoch and Epoch 2, they bring all their experience and passion to bear on their latest title, Submerged. Eschewing combat and violence for storytelling, Submerged focuses on telling a story through exploration of a rich environment. […]

Blockbusters, Indies, & TV: SpeedTree On Screen

If you think our Academy Award winning software is only used in summer blockbuster movies, think again. Since first appearing on the big screen with James Cameron’s Avatar, SpeedTree is being used for digital forests not just for VFX in mega-blockbuster hits, but also in indie productions and television (Including Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No).  As […]

Iestyn Lloyd Turns It Up To Eleven with SpeedTree

Iestyn Lloyd took the stage at Unite Europe 2015 to break down how he utilizes all that Unity has to offer to crank up creativity when using Unity 5. Emphasizing the treasure trove that is the Unity asset store, he explains how he uses a variety of assets (Including SpeedTree)  and post-process effects to quickly […]