Emmy Award-winning VFX supervisor Eran Dinur has released a new 10-part tutorial series covering the new features and workflows of the all-new SpeedTree Cinema 8.  Judging solely by the video, it looks like a fantastic course for anyone looking to learn more about using SpeedTree CInema 8 for VFX!

From the FXphd Website:

In the past few years, SpeedTree has become an integral part of the pipeline of most major VFX studios, and mastering it has become an vital skill for environment artists, matte painters and CG generalists. The release of version 8 marks the complete evolution of SpeedTree Cinema as a plant creation software that’s specifically geared toward the VFX industry.

We’re excited to have Emmy and VES award-winning VFX supervisor Eran Dinur back to lead our new SpeedTree Techniques for VFX course at fxphd.  It offers all the knowledge and skills required to model and animate detailed, high quality trees and plants for visual effects. By creating several different tree types, students will become familiar with essential areas like generation modes, curves, variance and leaf meshes, as well as wind and growth animation. Special focus will be given to new features in version 8, like seasonal variations, shape control, lighting, multi-pass rendering, and PBR materials.

SpeedTree Cinema 8 is available as a short-term or permanent license with solutions for both large studios, hobbyists, and independent VFX artists.  Download and evaluation or purchase a license at the SpeedTree Store: