Artist and writer Steve Jarratt has written an extensive review of SpeedTree Cinema 8 for 3D World magazine’s February print issue available online at Citing the new lower price point and powerful new features, Steve had some positive things to say about SpeedTree:

…the main takeaway here is that SpeedTree 8, in combination with its new library, creates the most beautifully detailed vegetation, which – unlike those of its predecessor – stand up to really close examination with the camera just inches away.

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In his review, Steve uses several models as examples of SpeedTree’s new features such as the new season slider, material workflow, and modeling tools.  We thought we’d share a little bit more about the models used in the review:

The Models

Three of our new VFX models were from our new SpeedTree Library which has hundreds of new models built from scratch using the latest techniques developed specifically for SpeedTree 8.  All the included textures are photo scanned using our custom made rig and software to create our most photoreal library to date.

Rocky Mountain Juniper:

Available in 9 variations ranging from residential to small saplings, The Rocky Mountain Juniper is a species native to North America and typically grows in dry areas with sandy soil.  With its pale blue seed pods, this tree is commonly found both in the wild and around buildings in landscaped settings.

Weeping Beech Bankside:

The Weeping Beech comes in a Field, Forest, and Bankside variation, as well as a smaller sapling model. Characterized by its shape with sweeping, pendulous branches, the stem of the tree may not be visible from a distance due to the presence of the covering weeping branches. Branches may reach the ground and start new roots again. Smaller than the common beech, the tree can reach a height of up to 25 m and tends to be wider than high.

Azalea Hedge

Our azalea model is a colorful hedge plant that comes in a pruned or slightly wilder variation.  Commonly used in suburbs, gardens and landscapes, our Azalea models come in a white or pink version.