SpeedTree is at SIGGRAPH this year in booth #346 in Anaheim, California to showcase our Emmy and Sci/Tech Academy Award winning technology. SpeedTree has been featured in some of the biggest movies of the past year including Star Wars, The Jungle book, and Captain America: Civil War.  Trees will also be taking the the Dancing Trees session as MPC presents paper about their use of SpeedTree and Fabric engine in the making of the Jungle Book and we can’t wait to see some behind the scenes SpeedTree action.

The worlds of games and VFX are ever growing closer and we look forward to seeing SpeedTree showing up along that blurry cutting edge in engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. If you are curious about SpeedTree, stop by booth #346 to get an exclusive look at the thrilling places SpeedTree is heading towards. As always keep on eye on our Twitter for upcoming announcements!

SpeedTree in Action in Jurassic World: