New with Unreal Engine 4* Subscription, users get the AAA vegetation toolset that’s been the game industry’s premier solution since 2002!

ue4trees_banner Our beautiful trees and plants, which come fully-enabled with lightmapping, dynamic LOD and wind effects, are available in three options:

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Choose from a variety of tree and plant categories at the SpeedTree Store. Don’t miss the “Haunted Tree,” exclusive to UE4* Subscription! All models include seasonal variations and multiple triangle counts. Check listings for special offers and sales. The SpeedTree for UE4* Subscription Modeler is available on Windows and Mac OSX at $19 USD per month. Procedural and hand-modeling options, plus all the other controls that have made SpeedTree the game industry’s favorite tree creator. No royalties, per-title or per-platform fees apply. Comprising a sample broadleaf, palm and conifer, these high-end sample trees may be immediately dropped into any UE4* project. Download directly or as a free product on our store (includes model details). NOTE: These are the same trees bundled with the Modeler subscription installer.

For more information about SpeedTree for UE4* Subscription, click here.


* SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription and SpeedTree models work with UE4.3 and later versions, and do not work with versions released prior to UE4.3.