Subscription License

Revenue under $100k

With a direct workflow into each engine, subscribers can have access to the power of SpeedTree for Games for only $19 a month (or free for Lumberyard).
A modeler subscription is not required to use our game-ready trees for UE4 and Unity, which can be imported directly into your engine.
SpeedTree for UE4

SpeedTree Modeler 8.3.0

SpeedTree for Lumberyard

SpeedTree Modeler 8.3.0

SpeedTree for Unity

SpeedTree Modeler 8.3.0

Indie License

Revenue Under $1m

Bridging the gap for serious hobbyists, individuals, and studios who want the power of a full license at a more affordable price point.
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Full License

Custom License

A 30-day, full-function evaluation of SpeedTree for Games is available for most engines, including custom and in-house engines. The trial software includes the award-winning SpeedTree Modeler, Compiler, and full-source SDK, as well as select members of the SpeedTree Library.
To evaluate SpeedTree for Games, or learn more about licensing SpeedTree for Games, contact us using the form below or fax/email the evaluation form.
 Office: (803) 356-1999
Fax: (803) 356-2129
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SpeedTree Cinema 8 has arrived. Our Academy and Emmy Award-winning vegetation is now available with new licensing options as well as our SpeedTree Library access.
Exports meshes with wind or growth animation for VFX, Arch/viz, or other non-realtime uses. Not compatible with UE4, Unity, or other game engines.


SpeedTree Engine injects SpeedTree procedural capabilities directly into DCC applications and renderers, starting with Isotropix’s Clarisse.