Available as a subscription modeler for UE4 and a full License for UE4 Custom, the integration of SpeedTree® for Games offers a full range of features, including amazing performance, a highly versatile modeling app, lightmap-ready UVs, scalable wind effects, seamless LOD and more:
SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription

SpeedTree is now available for Epic Games’ new UE4 Subscription version of the engine, with terms geared toward smaller studios and indie developers.

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SpeedTree for UE4 Custom

SpeedTree with UE4 custom license is already helping create some of the game industry’s biggest AAA and next gen titles. Available now for evaluation and licensing.

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Tree Library

Browse our library of tree and plant models, now available for UE4 subscribers on the SpeedTree online store. Download free sample trees and select from our ever-growing library of tree and plant models, available for purchase by UE4 subscribers (NOTE: The full Model Library is included with SpeedTree for UE4 Custom Licenses).

ue4 tree library

SpeedTree for UE4 Features

Works with the SpeedTree Modeler, available on Windows and Mac OSX for $19/mo. USD (this is a separate charge from the UE4 subscription fee). This award-winning vegetation editing tool delivers a unique combination of procedural and hand modeling, for quick, precise tree artistry. Features include hand drawing, subdivision surface modeling, fine-tuning of wind effects, growing your tree around imported mesh props, and much more.

All models are enabled to automatically create extremely efficient lightmap UVs.

Wind effects are scalable, delivering the same level of high-end animation as seen in the growing list of outstanding feature films that have used SpeedTree.

Smooth, tunable LOD transitions.

Works on any platform UE4 supports.

Buy just the trees you need from SpeedTree’s extensive, widely-varied Model Library store and drop them into your game as-is or tweak them first with the SpeedTree Modeler.

Works with instanced foliage rendering and instanced painting, with full wind support and per-instance color variation.

Provides the latest SpeedTree version and features, as long as the subscription is active.

Drop in ready models

Fully Editable With Modeler Subscription

Every model in the set comes in both SRT (SpeedTree Run-time) and SPM (SpeedTree Procedural Model) file formats. SRTs are compiled from SPMs and drop directly into the Unreal Engine. SPMs are editable within the SpeedTree Modeler. Even if you like to create your trees from scratch in the Modeler, starting with a fully-realized model can speed things along a great deal.

If nothing else, the Modeler can be used to create a new random variation of each tree with a single click.

Three Resolutions

Every tree model in the set is available in multiple resolutions:


A high detail tree that runs well in real-time. These are perfect when there are only a few trees in the scene or if a tree is particularly important (e.g. a big tree at the center of a town). Triangle counts normally exceed 15,000.


Right around 1,000 triangles, these are great trees for targeting lower-performance platforms or just to use as distant fillers when billboards won’t do.


This is the most commonly used resolution, hitting right in that sweet spot between Hero and Mobile trees. Commonly around 8,000 triangles, this is the default resolution when designing a title for use on PC/Mac, PlayStation® or Xbox®.

Preset Lightmap UVs

Every one of our models comes with supremely well-organized lightmap UV coordinates with all LOD levels contained in a single map, and all models are tuned specifically to work with UE4’s Lightmass system. Just drop it in the engine, build the lighting, and you’re good to go.

Seasonal Variations

Many of the models feature seasonal variations like fall leaves, snow or bare. Each seasonal variation is modeled in three resolutions: hero, desktop, and mobile.

Artist-Tuned Wind Effects

SpeedTree employs a very scalable wind effects system, supporting anything from simple global wind all the way up to cinematic-level as used in The Lone Ranger and many other feature films. Our UE4 models have been artist-tuned specifically for use with the SpeedTree/UE4 integration. Once imported, users can adjust the speed/complexity trade off by editing the Wind Type (e.g. fastest, highest-quality, etc), per material.

Branch Seam Reduction

In low-polygon modeling, a tree’s trunk and its branches are often modeled as cylinders shoved against other cylinders. Our models take full advantage of SpeedTree’s branch seam reduction feature as integrated into UE4. Without using subdivision surface modeling or unwrapping the branch/trunk texture, a smooth seam is still possible where the branches meet the trunk. Because the texture still wraps, a higher overall texture resolution appearance results.

Preset Ambient Occlusion

Per-vertex ambient occlusion is included in every tree model to darken the interior or otherwise obstructed parts of the tree model when dynamic shadows aren’t possible.

Preset Collision Objects

All tree models will have medium-detail collision objects already placed and ready to work with UE4.

Quality Textures

We supply high-resolution textures with all of our models, often higher than is commonly used in real-time, allowing you to scale down to the resolution you need. Models include diffuse and normal maps with alpha masks. Masked textures also include edge padding to prevent bleeding at lower mip levels.

Helper SPM Models

For tree models where it’s impractical to model every leaf separately, creating convincing leaf clusters is important (example at right). Many of our models include SPM files to help generate these automatically. Using the Modeler, users can easily tweak the individual leaf sizes, quantities, and color variations. The Modeler will also automatically generate the diffuse, normal, specular and transmission masks – all without ever opening Photoshop®.

Important NOTES:

The SpeedTree versions that work with the Custom and Subscription versions of UE4 are different products, with different technical features and licensing options, and each may be licensed only with its respective version of UE4.

Models purchased from the SpeedTree Store or created/edited in the SpeedTree Modeler cannot be exported out of UE4 Subscription and can be used only in that engine.

Pricing and terms subject to change without notice.

Other questions? Email us at [email protected].