It’s been another month jam-packed with fantastic artist highlights that we share daily through TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn. In case you’re taking a break from social media but still want to see some cool environment art, we have our handy monthly roundup to get you inspired without the temptation of the infinite scroll.

Here’s 5 projects we featured in February that we didn’t want you to miss!

Cihan Ozkan – Mediterranean

Aaron Westwood – Dirty Overcast

ZOAN VR – Virtual Helsinki

Peter Leban – The Two Crows

UNICEF and Leap Studios – Toy Soldiers

Eager to create but not sure where to begin? Here’s a selection of assets inspired by this month’s projects to get you started!

Red Gum Eucalyptus: Forest (Multi Trunk)

Honey Mesquite Species Pack

Leatherleaf Mahonia

Sweetgum: Hero (Forest)

Cherry Laurel: Bush

Crape Myrtle Species Pack