It has been a year chock-full of incredible art made by our users. While we do our best to highlight projects on our social media channels, we know it’s easy to miss those spotlights with life and work limiting time spent on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. To make sure our users don’t miss out on some of the year’s most inspiring projects, we’ve curated a list of our 10 favorite projects from 2018! Happy New Year, we can’t wait to put a spotlight on the work you make in 2019!

Guilherme Rabello – Modern Barn

Nastya Ermakova – The Price of Progress

Darío Andrés Carrillo – Cabin in the Woods

Vitaliy Koshevyy – Frozen Lake

Calder Moore – Castle by the Road

Sergey Ferley – Australian Forest

Haley Shinn – Fairy Tale Bridge

The Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences – Kaiserpfalz Visualization

Sascha Gongola – The Shrine

Rafael Chies – The Burrow, Weasley’s Family Home