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New Trees Tuesday – Free Christmas Tree & 5 New Unity Models on Our Store

We’re always adding new Unity tree models to the SpeedTree Library, allowing Unity 5 Beta users to create even more varied environments. See our FREE Christmas tree and five new models on sale at 33% off – for a limited time. FREE Christmas Tree SpeedTree package for Unity 5 Beta users – Merry Christmas!   […]

SpeedTree® For Unity® 5 Beta Launched with $19/Month Modeler

Unity® 5, now released in beta and available for preorder, includes the first run-time integration with SpeedTree®, meaning the game industry’s premier vegetation may now be used directly with Unity Technologies’ popular engine. Unity 5 users who want to add dynamic, animated SpeedTree tree and plant models to their projects may download four free sample […]

Using SpeedTree to Match Concept Art (Time-Lapse Video)

In this 90-second video, we use the SpeedTree Modeler to create a tree from scratch, using concept art imported and placed directly in the scene. Textures and auxiliary scene meshes are pulled from our library, but everything else is created on-the-fly. All features shown, except seasonal change, are available in most versions of the SpeedTree […]

SpeedTree® Modeler for Unity 5 Pricing

When we announced SpeedTree® support for Unity 5 at GDC, there were three major points we wanted to make: The SpeedTree run-time will be free to all Unity 5 customers, free and pro. This means that Unity will load and render SpeedTree files right out of the box, complete with smooth LOD and our wind algorithm. […]

More About Unity 5

We’re still putting together the official marketing material for the Unity 5 launch (web pages, tutorial videos, etc.) but I thought I’d share some of the details we revealed at GDC with those of you that are curious. First of all, here’s a link to my GDC presentation in the Unity theater. It’s a little […]

SpeedTree® for Unity 5

As announced on Tuesday, SpeedTree® is coming to Unity 5. Immediately, questions arose about the level and quality of the integration and how the business model will work. Out of the box, Unity 5 and Unity 5 Pro will load and render SpeedTree models on most Unity-supported platforms, including mobile. The rendering code path includes […]