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New Desktop Marine Package Available!

Whether you are assembling an underwater exploration game or need some assets to add some life to the rivers, lakes, and seas of your project; our new aquatic assets have you covered.header 2

Like all of the assets in our store, these models come with tuned wind and LOD effects that allow you to add a wind effect to achieve pulsing Starfish or gently swaying underwater Hydrilla plants.  If you need more variation, be sure to check out our modeler where you can import any of these models to create unlimited variations.

This package is on sale for a limited time for $79!

SpeedTree Marine Package for Unity

SpeedTree Marine Package for Unreal

Each individual asset includes at least two models per version or species for a total of 24 models.

  • Tuned lightmap UVs, and all LODs
  • Collision objects
  • Tuned LOD transitions
  • Tuned wind effects
  • Preset ambient occlusion
  • Branch seam blending used

The Marine life package includes

Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata)

(2 models – Two versions)Hydrilla_2panes

This invasive species is viewed as a bothersome aquatic weed. Hydrilla can quickly and completely invade bodies of water, creating surface mats.


Tube Sponge (Aplysina fistulari)

(4 models – Orange, green, purple, and cluster)Tube_Sponge_version_1_2panes

The tube sponge, an invertebrate, is one of the most common sponges found along the coral reef. The tube shape is used to filter water for food, and can add colorful detail to your underwater scenes.


Sword Plant (Echinodorus osiris)

(2 models – Single and cluster)Sword_Plant_2panes

This variety of Echinodorus or ‘Burhead’ is native to southern Brazil. Sword Plants are found naturally at the bottom of running rivers.


Fan Coral (Leptogorgia sarmentosa)

(4 models – Red single, red cluster, blue single, and blue cluster)Fan_Coral_version_1_2panes

Also called a ‘Sea Fan’ or Gorgonian, this soft coral is found in tropical seawater. Fan coral anchors itself to sand or mud, unlike most coral. The fan shape maximizes the amount of water that flows through the specimen, increasing food supply.


Lance Spearhead (Anubias lanceolata)

(2 models – Single and cluster)Lance_Spearhead_2panes

Often referred to as Anubias, this aquatic plant is commonly used in aquariums. Lance Spearheads can produce flowers underwater and occur naturally in rivers and streams.


Purple Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus)

(2 models – Single and cluster)Purple_Sea_Urchin_2panes

The purple sea urchin is a non-vertebrate animal native to the eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean, ranging from Mexico to British Columbia. It grows to approximately 4″ (10 cm) in diameter.


Starfish (Asteroidea)

(4 models – Orange, green, and two red)Starfish_version_1_2panes

Starfish or ‘Sea Stars’ are marine invertebrates which exhibit radial symmetry. There are approximately 1,500 species of Starfish that populate the world’s ocean floors, from the intertidal zone to abyssal trenches.


Lotus Flower (Nelumbo nucifera)

(2 models – Single and cluster)Lotus_Flower_2panes

The lotus is an aquatic flower native to tropical Asia and Queensland, Australia. It is commonly grown in aquatic gardens.



(2 models – Single and cluster)Seaweed_2panes

Our take on the ubiquitous underwater foliage.


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SpeedTree Marine Package for Unity

SpeedTree Marine Package for Unreal