Jamir Blanco, who started using SpeedTree® almost two years ago, reports that the software has impressed his colleagues, won him recognition and helped him complete projects quickly. Here’s more about Jamir and his experiences:

Jamir Blanco

Name: Jamir Blanco
Title/Occupation: Freelance environment artist for film, game, and animation
SpeedTree Product Used: SpeedTree Studio
SpeedTree User Since: September 2012
Location: Florida, United States
Portfolio: www.jamirblanco.blogspot.com and www.jamirblanco.cgsociety.org

What experience with SpeedTree is most memorable?
The first project I used SpeedTree in was “Glass Butterfly,” a fantasy-based music video directed by Jennifer Phang. As the lead environment artist, I was tasked with researching solutions for creating realistic trees. After coming across and playing with the SpeedTree Studio demo for a couple hours, I realized how useful and seamless the software integrated into our pipeline. That’s when I decided to purchase the application and give it a go.
I still remember the awe and excitement in the dailies room when I popped open my laptop for the first time to show the director and fellow artists the hero trees I’d modeled with SpeedTree.

To be able to display the assets in real-time fully lit, textured, and even with wind animation going on within the SpeedTree interface was really impressive, and they loved it!

What do you like about SpeedTree?
SpeedTree’s ease of use, realistic quality, and fast results make it a must-have tool for any environment artist.

I find it very easy and effective to import assets into the software and add overgrowth and vegetation on top, almost regardless of what the assets may be. I feel that micro-detail like moss and ivy are very difficult to re-create in CG effectively, but it adds so much life to any shot. This is where SpeedTree has really worked for me.

Has SpeedTree helped you professionally?
SpeedTree has given me the edge I need to stand out among my peers and express my creativity freely in a very artist-friendly and intuitive way. It has also helped me in getting my portfolio to stand out and get included in 3D World magazine.

The next time a professional project comes up that requires cg trees, I will be able to meet the director’s expectations with ease and comfort, without sacrificing any artistic choices due to technicalities, all thanks to SpeedTree!