Unity® 5, now released in beta and available for preorder, includes the first run-time integration with SpeedTree®, meaning the game industry’s premier vegetation may now be used directly with Unity Technologies’ popular engine.

Unity 5 users who want to add dynamic, animated SpeedTree tree and plant models to their projects may download four free sample models and purchase many others from UnityTrees.com. The growing library of trees and plant models include seamless LOD transitions, seasonal variations, a full range of wind and other effects, and multiple resolutions. Watch the video below to see what makes our tree models special.

Unity 5 users who want to create and edit tree models may subscribe to the award-winning AAA SpeedTree Modeler for $19 USD per month. No royalties, per-title or per-platform fees apply. The SpeedTree Modeler license renews automatically, unless cancelled prior to the renewal date, and all models created and edited with the SpeedTree Modeler will continue to operate in Unity after the Modeler subscription expires.

Unity 5, now in beta for preorder customers, can be purchased from Unity Technologies’ website at Store.Unity3d.com. SpeedTree for Unity 5 features include:

  • Full Unity 5 Integration: Fully-integrated SpeedTree run-time, meaning fast, efficient rendering of one hero tree, a whole forest, or anything in between
  • Wind Effects: Scalable and tunable real-time wind effects, for the same beautiful, natural motion SpeedTree brings to feature films
  • Seamless LOD Transitions: Dynamically and automatically generates smooth, tunable LOD transitions that are built into vegetation models
  • Multi-Platform Unity 5 Support: Works on any platform that Unity 5 will support
  • Foliage Terrain Painting: Works with Unity terrain and foliage painting, including full wind support and per-instance color variation
  • Perpetual Updates: Provides the latest SpeedTree version and features, as long as the subscription is active

To get started today, visit UnityTrees.com. If you would like to get the latest information and updates about SpeedTree for Unity 5, just email us at unity@speedtree.com.