3d vegetation modeling for Amazon Lumberyard

Important Note:  Users with a free licenses will need to subscribe to upgrade to SpeedTree 8.3

SpeedTree is the award-winning procedural 3D modeling tool used in thousands of feature films, now available for Lumberyard. To subscribe simply add the SpeedTree 8 for Lumberyard Modeler to your cart and proceed to checkout.  You will then be able to login with your SpeedTree Store credentials.

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New Speedtree 8 features

Full PBR material workflow and rendering
New art director tools and more intuitive workflow
 Seamless integration with Amazon Lumberyard
New techniques for low-poly Modeling
Automatic vertex color painting for Lumberyard wind
One-draw-call models

All new 3D surface-scanned PBR texture library

2k leaf textures, 4k bark textures. Our New SpeedTree 8 library uses custom built surface scanning rigs to create the highest quality materials available.
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SpeedTree 8 now utilizes PBR rendering in the modeler as well as a revamped material workflow to allow precise control over your maps. This means your models will be closer to the finished product from the beginning and our PBR materials will seamlessly plug into Amazon Lumberyard.


To build the 8 library we created a custom-built scanning rig and software suite that allows us to create 8k leaf and bark textures with all the requisite PBR maps. Partnering with an arboretum in North Carolina, we have direct access to thousands of species of trees from around the world. This is just the beginning of what will become an incredibly diverse collection of models and materials, all at the highest possible quality. All bark sets include a height map to allow creation of accurate displacement maps in the trunk geometry.

Vertex Colors for Lumberyard Wind

There are two ways to set vertex colors for wind in the Lumberyard versions of the SpeedTree Modeler. You can use traditional SpeedTree wind controls and let SpeedTree set the colors, or you can control them specifically. The latter is typically only necessary for special case models or unusual wind effects.


Mesh anchors specify attachment points on mesh assets. These anchors can then be used to generate meshes as children of other meshes. The most common use for this technique is for building image-based branch and leaf structures for low polygon models. The image to the right shows mesh anchors in use on a model and the meshes as they appear in the Cutout Editor.


Meshes can now be generated using a point and click method to define the outline of the mesh, making optimizations easier and more precise, allowing you to create even complex meshes without ever having to leave the app.


We’ve changed how seasons are handled in SpeedTree 8. In previous versions, a tree in four different seasons exists as four separate files. By changing how we handle materials we can now have one model containing all four seasons as well as any point in between seasons. This allows you to model just one tree for any seasonal variation.


The Knot generator has added new features that allow more realistic knots allowing you to create more interesting profiles and decorations on your tree.

We’ve created multiple tools to add gashes, more realistic knots, shelves of fungi, and peeling bark.

Knot – Adds knots, cavities, gashes, and lumps to branch geometry.

Fin – Adds small, planar details like peeling bark and fungi to branches.


We’ve added shape control to create organic shapes, such as the “broccoli” effect often found in vegetation. It allows you to bunch your branches so that they grow only within the confined space (usually a sphere). You can set this feature at any branch level, allowing large clumpy trees or small clusters within your tree. This looks especially great when viewed from above.

Full feature list

  • PBR Materials and Workflow- Full PBR rendering in the SpeedTree Modeler as well as new editing tools for materials allow artists to fine tune their models before exporting into Lumberyard.
  • New Auto-LOD- New Intelligent method of LOD generation allows incredibly quick optimizations with the press of a button.
  • Parent Extensions- Extend your branches into the child branch, meaning limbs naturally extend to points, rather than nubs.
  • Phyllotaxy Generation Algorithm- New generation algorithm based on how leaves naturally grow on branches.
  • Mesh Cutout System- Easily cut meshes to the shape of your leaf or cluster using our new mesh editor.
  • Spine Noise- New property applies late or early noise along the length of the branch or trunk.
  • Bifurcation Generation Algorithm- New Branch algorithm automatically adds new child branches to create natural organic branch structures incredibly quickly.
  • Leaf Collision- New tool to automatically remove intersecting leaves or clusters.
  • Knot Generator- Completely refigured geometry for knots allows for more interesting gashes, knots, and scars.
  • Material Sets- Materials can be grouped into sets to allow edits across multiple leaf types or bark textures.
  • Discrete Season Approach- One .SPM model now uses a season curve to create unique trees at any point in the year.
  • Faster AO Computation
  • Interval Generation Algorithm- New algorithm that places branches in a set interval.
  • Aspect Ratio Correct Mapping-Textures wrap correctly, avoiding unsightly stretched textures.
  • Knockout- Automatically remove interior colliding branches to simplify structure.
  • New Split feature- Split replaces bifurcation, offering more natural split trees with wrapped textures.
  • Shape Control- Extend branches to a certain diameter sphere, allowing you to create “broccoli” tree structures.  
  • Pruning- Automatically and intelligently reduce the number of branches across the tree.
  • Decoration Generators- New “Fin” generator allows addition of more shelf fungus and more.
  • New Variance Models
  • Ancestor Gravity- New force applied per generator that applies gravity relative to it’s parent.
  • Shell Geometry- Create more interesting trunks or stumps with the new Shell Geometry generator.
  • Art Director Tool- Allows intuitive shaping of the tree, whether shaping entire branch levels or a single twig.