…a new benchmark for what the Xbox One can achieve visually. -VG247

Forza Horizon 3 isn’t one of the best open-world racing games; it’s one of the best open-world games.- The Verge

The award-winning Forza Horizon 3 has landed on Xbox One and Windows 10, wowing critics and setting a new standard for visuals on the Xbox One. The Horizon series is the counterpart to ever popular Forza Motorsport and unleashes the cars from the constraints of pavement. Instead, the game is set in an open world version of Australia’s Gold Coast with biomes ranging from dense forests to dusty outbacks.  In order to fill the world with life, Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games used the power of SpeedTree to create the vegetation.

The recently released Forza Motorsports: Apex (Also a SpeedTree Title) takes you through a career mode on set race tracks around the world, Horizon puts you in charge of an entire festival and lets you set your own pace. You’re free to spend hours just driving around, race helicopters through dense jungles, or cruise the coast. Die hard racing sim fans or the more casual racers will each find something to love in the wild world of Forza Horizon 3.

SpeedTree has become a staple in both AAA and Indie open world titles as it allows artists to craft a huge variety of trees incredibly fast.  Find out more about SpeedTree for Games at our website.



Forza Horizon 3 Lambo Dam Road




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