SpeedTree® Cinema 8 launches today with dozens of new features that deliver dramatically more realistic trees and plants, with major reductions to modeling time and effort.  With a new, constantly expanding library of vegetation models (Including new field and forest models), SpeedTree Cinema 8 is the most advanced version we’ve ever released and is already being adopted by top VFX studios around the world.

The software, winner of a Scientific and Technical Academy Award® and an Engineering Emmy®, is available for both permanent and short-term use and may be evaluated and licensed at http://www.speedtree.com/cinema. Discounted upgrade paths are available for all existing licensees of SpeedTree visual effects products.

SpeedTree Studio and SpeedTree Architect are being discontinued, but SpeedTree Cinema is now available in various options and prices – with or without the Model Library, as node-locked or floating, and for permanent or shorter terms.

The most important new features of SpeedTree Cinema 8 include:

  •  Full PBR workflow and rendering. Supports non-destructive material editing, allowing
    artists to adjust textures on the fly. To see the stunning impact of this new feature, please
    visit http://www.speedtree.com/cinema.
  • A completely new library of 150 models, ranging from seedlings to towering forest
    trees, includes thousands of 3D surface-scanned PBR textures. Each individual model file (.spm) contains multiple polygonal resolutions and adjustable seasonal variations.
  • Vastly improved export pipeline. Exports of both meshes and wind animations now run
    much faster and use far less memory. Other improvements include UDIM support, better
    mesh unwrapping, hierarchical exports, and better bone weighting for skinned meshes.
  • New leaf batching system. Leaf rendering in the SpeedTree Modeler is up to 1,000 times
    faster than version 7. This innovation greatly speeds the modeling process and supports
    the creation of more complex models.
  • Major leaps in wind realism. Cinema 8 captures the complex dynamics of wind among
    leaves and branches more naturally than ever. The overhauled system features a realistic
    rolling wind effect, is much easier to tune, and includes a new wind wizard.
  • Numerous other improvements. There are more than two dozen other substantial
    improvements including a new art director tool, an overhauled mesh cutout syst

Upgrade from SpeedTree Studio, Architect, or Cinema to SpeedTree 8 today! Claim your upgrade by sending an email to sales@speedtree.com.

SpeedTree Cinema Full License
Floating or node-locked
Animated growth and wind
Tools only Modeler
Compatible with legacy SpeedTrees and the new VFX Library
Flexible Licensing Terms
SpeedTree Library Subscription
Unlimited downloads of the VFX library
8k bark, 4k leaf textures
Includes multiple seasons and resolutions in each model
Requires Cinema license