SpeedTree 8 for Unity is here, available as a free upgrade for all current SpeedTree Unity subscribers!

Compatible with Unity 2018.3 and later, SpeedTree 8 brings PBR materials, new tools, more natural geometry, export-only mode, plus a whole new library of trees.

Important Notes:

HDRP/LWRP Support: The new SpeedTree Unity shader is currently only compatible with the standard Unity pipeline. We are working with Unity to develop the best approach for SRP shaders.

SpeedTree 7 Model Upgrades: Models created in SpeedTree 7 can be upgraded using the SpeedTree 8 modeler. However, it will only convert the geometry to matching SpeedTree 8 geometry. Textures will remain unchanged. SpeedTree 7 .SPM files will continue to work in 2018.3 without upgrading.

Photogrammetry: The new photogrammetry tools are restricted to our
SpeedTree Games Indie license and full games license.

Revenue Caps: Our Subscription license is restricted to individuals and teams working on projects/games with yearly revenue of less than $100k US.

If your revenue is over $100k US per year, you can take advantage of our new SpeedTree Games Indie license SpeedTree Games Indie license (revenue under $1M US per year) or our full games license.