After two years of development, we are excited to announce our first SpeedTree® 8 product, SpeedTree for Lumberyard, available first to Lumberyard users in the second quarter of 2017.

SpeedTree 8 will bring a revamped workflow featuring more intuitive controls, more precision, and more flexibility in artists modeling work-flow as well as full PBR rendering in the modeler. Game developers will be able to iterate, faster than ever before, on their concepts and ideas to bring those visions to life with unprecedented precision and realism.

“Amazon Lumberyard is an outstanding showcase for the new surface-scanned materials and modeling features that SpeedTree 8 brings to the table,” said Michael Sechrest, co-founder of SpeedTree developer Interactive Data Visualization.

“Our new physically based rendering material workflow, wind algorithms and overall modeling enhancements all shine in the engine,” Sechrest added,  “Lumberyard will be the first to experience the most powerful version of SpeedTree yet.”

SpeedTree for Lumberyard will be demonstrated March 1-3 at the Game Developers Conference 2017 Expo, in San Francisco, at both the SpeedTree booth (#529) and Amazon’s Lumberyard booth (#1602). The release of SpeedTree for Lumberyard will be followed by the launch of other SpeedTree 8 products for the animation and games industries.

“With Amazon Lumberyard, we created a free AAA game engine that’s deeply integrated with AWS and Twitch, so developers can build their boldest visions and engage their fans,” said Eric Schenk, General Manager of Amazon Lumberyard.

“The release of SpeedTree 8 for Lumberyard makes it easier than ever for ambitious developers to build vast and visually stunning worlds. I can’t wait to see what they’ll create.”

New SpeedTree 8 features:

Which will be part of SpeedTree for Lumberyard on the day of launch, include:

Seamless integration with Amazon Lumberyard

Full PBR material workflow and rendering

All new 3D surface-scanned 8K PBR texture library

New techniques for low-poly branch structure modeling and mesh editing

Automatic vertex color painting for Lumberyard wind with in-modeler preview

One-draw-call models with tiling textures, wind, and LOD

New art director tools and more intuitive workflow

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