SpeedTree Studio 7

SpeedTree Studio 7




The same software used in films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Disney’s The Jungle Book, and Avatar and other blockbusters, SpeedTree Studio is meant for film and animation projects where the extensive features of SpeedTree Cinema are not required.

(SpeedTree Studio is not for use in game or real-time project development. Please see SpeedTree for Games to evaluate our games middleware or real-time version. Contact sales for more information.)


SpeedTree Studio Modeler Features:

  • Procedural modeling
  • Model by hand drawing
  • Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models that are ideal for “hero tree” pipelines
  • User controlled UV mapping, textures, and polygonal control
  • Import of and growth around custom mesh assets
  • Export meshes in a variety of formats including Alembic, FBX and OBJ
  • Export wind effects via point cache (with real-time preview)
  • FBX processor scripts for multiple 3D packages
  • World building toolset
  • Quad geometry output

Upgrades are available to version 7 software from previous SpeedTree versions.  Contact sales for upgrade details and pricing information.