SpeedTree Cinema 7

SpeedTree Cinema 7



As seen in films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Disney’s The Jungle Book, and Avatar, this application is intended for use in film & animation projects where all the bells and whistles are needed to create complete photo-realistic trees and forests, including our entire tree catalog at a discounted price.

(SpeedTree Cinema is not for use in game or real-time project development. Please see SpeedTree for Games to evaluate our games middleware or real-time version. Contact sales for more information.)


  • SpeedTree Cinema Modeler application (see below for features)
  • Our complete Tree Model Library:
    • Includes over 3,800 textures and normal maps and over 700 SPM files
    • Each SPM file can spawn infinite variations
    • Includes tree/asset browser application
  • Single cross-platform floating license
  • One year’s direct developer support (email or phone in addition to the SpeedTree Forum)

SpeedTree Cinema Modeler Features:

  • Procedural modeling
  • Model by hand drawing
  • Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models that are ideal for “hero tree” pipelines
  • Simulate animated growth of trees and plants
  • Artist-directed season changes
  • User controlled UV mapping, textures, and polygonal control
  • Import of and growth around custom mesh assets
  • Export meshes in a variety of formats including Alembic, FBX and OBJ
  • Export wind effects via point cache (with real-time preview)
  • FBX processor scripts for multiple 3D packages
  • World building toolset
  • Quad geometry output

Upgrades are available to version 7 software from previous SpeedTree versions.  Contact sales for upgrade details and pricing information.