Hollywood Juniper (v6)
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Hollywood Juniper (v6)



Hollywood Juniper (Juniperus Chinensis)
This durable evergreen is known for its pliable shape. The tree’s dense needles provide a perfect canvas for pruning. It can be used for ground coverage, windbreak, or simply decoration.

NOTE: This tree is intended for a previous version of the SpeedTree Modeler (v6). If you are using the current Modeler, please find the updated version of this tree.

Variations Included:
HollywoodJuniper (71731 polygons)
HollywoodJuniper_RT (4426 polygons)
HollywoodJuniper_RT_Hero (11256 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_1 (49319 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_1_RT (3278 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_2 (81498 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_2_RT (4065 polygons)

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