Hollywood Juniper (v6)
Hollywood Juniper (v6)Hollywood Juniper (v6)Hollywood Juniper (v6)Hollywood Juniper (v6)Hollywood Juniper (v6)Hollywood Juniper (v6)

Hollywood Juniper (v6)



Hollywood Juniper (Juniperus Chinensis)
This durable evergreen is known for its pliable shape. The tree’s dense needles provide a perfect canvas for pruning. It can be used for ground coverage, windbreak, or simply decoration.

NOTE: This tree is intended for a previous version of the SpeedTree Modeler (v6). If you are using the current Modeler, please find the updated version of this tree.

Variations Included:
HollywoodJuniper (71731 polygons)
HollywoodJuniper_RT (4426 polygons)
HollywoodJuniper_RT_Hero (11256 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_1 (49319 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_1_RT (3278 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_2 (81498 polygons)
JuniperTopiary_2_RT (4065 polygons)

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