Desktop Desert Package (UE4)


A selection of nine of our desert and grasslands models in desktop resolution (a total of 31 models).

They’re drop-in ready for UE 4.3 or higher, or you can subscribe to the SpeedTree Modeler to tweak, randomize, or edit to your exact specifications.

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Desktop Desert Package

This is a selection of nine of our desert and grasslands themed models in desktop resolution that spans continents, from Africa to South America and the high desert of western North America.

Trees Included

  • Acacia (2 models – Full and Bare)
  • Barrel Cactus (4 models – Version 1, Version 2, Cluster 1, and Cluster 2)
  • Frailejon (2 models – Single and Cluster)
  • Knapweed (4 models – Version 1, Version 2, Cluster 1, and Cluster 2)
  • Ocotillo (4 models – Full 1, Full 2, Bare, and Flowers)
  • Rough Grass (2 models – Small Cluster and Large Cluster 3)
  • Saguaro Cactus (4 models – Version 1, Version 2, Version 3, and Cluster)
  • Snake Weed (6 models – Version 1, Version 2, Flowers 1, Flowers 2, Cluster 1, and Cluster 2)
  • Western Juniper (3 models – Full, Bare, and Snow)

1. Acacia (Faidherbia albida)

This thorny tree is native to the Middle East and Africa. It is highly resistant to drought due to its deep tap root. The Acacia provides many resources from raising livestock to medical treatments.


2. Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus echidne)

This deeply ribbed cactus is short and stubby like a barrel. It features small yellow flowers around the crown, but only after many years of growth.


3. Frailejon (Espeletia schultzii)

This curious plant occurs only at very high elevations in the Andes mountains of South America. It is in the same family as sunflowers and daisies (evident in its flowers), but has undergone heavy evolutionary radiation resulting in a very diverse genus, ranging from small shrubs to large trees.


4. Knapweed (Centaurea)

This short-lived perennial grows in grasslands and open forests. Knapweed comes in many varieties, including Meadow, Diffuse, Brown, Spotted, and Russian Knapweeds.


5. Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)

Ocotillo (also called Vine Cactus or Jacob’s Staff) is native to the southeastern US and Mexico. During periods of drought its branches appear dead, but quickly become covered in leaves after rainfall. Flowers bloom in spring and summer.


6. Rough Grass (Poa trivialis)

This grass is commonly found in meadows and pastures throughout Britain. Also, this type of grass is perfect for the rough of a golf course.


7. Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantica)

This cactus, native to the southwestern US, is easily recognized by its large size and the presence of ‘human-like’ arms (used to store extra water during dry seasons).


8. Snake Weed (Gutierrezia Sarothrae)

This bushy perennial shrub occurs on rocky plains and desert valleys. It exhibits small yellow ray flowers in the fall.


9. Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis)

The Western Juniper (or Sierra Juniper) usually occurs on rocky terrain where there is less competition from other large conifers such as Douglas Firs and Sugar Pines.


What Files Are Included?

  • 31 individual tree models
  • 136 unique high-resolution diffuse, normal, and specular maps
  • 6 leaf map maker SPM files (utilities for easily creating and adjusting leaf-group textures, Modeler subscription needed)


What makes SpeedTree models so special? How many features are packed into each model? Details here.

  • Tuned lightmap UVs for UE4, all LODs
  • Collision objects
  • Tuned LOD transitions
  • Tuned wind effects
  • Preset ambient occlusion
  • Branch seam blending used

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User License

Use of this product is subject to the terms of the SpeedTree Model Library Components End User License Agreement.

This product is intended for use with Unreal Engine 4 Subscription and will function properly only with that software (specifically, version 4.3 or newer). This product is not a mesh or standalone asset, and cannot be used to create or export a mesh or standalone asset. It can be modified only with the SpeedTree for UE4 Modeler.