The sequel to Bungie and Activision’s immensely popular FPS/MMO Destiny was released globally today, allowing new and veteran players to explore new regions and worlds that were grown using SpeedTree for Games.

SpeedTree and Bungie worked closely to integrate the SpeedTree Modeler and SDK into the complex pipeline required for a game that requires constant updates throughout its lifecycle. Using the SpeedTree Modeler, artists at Bungie were able to iterate quickly on designs to flesh out the sometimes familiar, sometimes very exotic, fauna of Destiny 2.

Taking players beyond the safe confines of The Last City, adventurers can explore the European Dead Zone. The largest world in Destiny yet which features some great mountainous cedar and pine forests, bringing a fresh feel for players as they quest and loot their way across worlds.  Beyond earth, Nessus features some exciting environment work for Guardians to explore as they continue the story.  Although, as those of us at SpeedTree can attest, stopping to observe the native plant species is not advisable unless you don’t mind respawning frequently.

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