At GDC last week, Epic Games shook up the video game industry: full source code access to Unreal Engine 4 for $19/month + 5% royalties. As some of you may know, SpeedTree is currently integrated into UE4, but up to now has only been made available to Epic’s AAA/non-subscription licensees. We were intrigued by the […]

As announced on Tuesday, SpeedTree® is coming to Unity 5. Immediately, questions arose about the level and quality of the integration and how the business model will work. Out of the box, Unity 5 and Unity 5 Pro will load and render SpeedTree models on most Unity-supported platforms, including mobile. The rendering code path includes […]

It’s always exciting for us to see how SpeedTree® users create amazing natural landscapes.  We develop these tools and then let the imagination and skills of the visual effects community do what they do best.  A member of this community sharing valuable VFX tools and training is instructor, owner and Chief Public Partner Chris Maynard […]

We’ve struggled with this decision in the past and finally made the move to online docs this time around with the release of v7.0.  This may be an unwelcome decision to some of you, but the benefit of easily getting documentation updates to everyone put us over the edge. Why the change? Previously, our options […]

While SpeedTree® is playing a visible role in a growing list of major feature film productions, we wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to share how our toolkit is being artfully used in all kinds of productions, large and small—including TV commercials.  One recent example involved Ingenuity Engine, a Hollywood-based VFX studio that used SpeedTree […]

SpeedTree® for Games is out in force in the first round of games for Sony’s PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Here’s where to look for us in next gen: PS4 Titles Featuring SpeedTree for Games Available at launch: Battlefield 4 Killzone™: Shadows Fall Skylanders Swap Force Releasing post-launch: The Witcher™ 3: Wild Hunt Dragon […]

SpeedTree® Cinema and Studio v7 is now available for evaluation, license and upgrade and we could not be more thrilled!  Version 7 was developed alongside some of the world’s top visual effects studios, allowing us to create exciting new tools like Subdivision Surface Modeling, Animated Growth, Alembic Export, Render Sequence and more.  In fact, some […]

With the release of SpeedTree® Cinema and SpeedTree Studio v7, modeling and rendering of detailed, organic and dynamic foliage becomes even more powerful.  One of the most anticipated new capabilities of version 7 will be subdivision surface modeling, allowing the artist to easily create procedurally generated subdivision surface models that are ideal for “hero tree” pipelines […]

1. Procedural Generation:  One of the best-recognized features of SpeedTree Modeler is its ability to create foliage assets using algorithmic, procedural generation. This one feature saves artists countless hours of modeling time since they don’t have to worry about the small stuff, like where individual leaves go on the tree. 2. Instant Modeler Feedback: The […]

With the release of SpeedTree® Cinema 7 approaching, visual effects pros and animators are telling us how anxious they are to get their hands on some of the new features in version 7, including the ability to simulate growth. This feature was put to excellent use by Digital Domain, which utilized a beta version of SpeedTree […]