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Sadly, our all-trees grand opening sale has ended, but we’ve added five new tree models that are all currently 33% off! They are:


Also, we’ve added a new category just for trees that are currently on sale.

What makes SpeedTree models so special? How many features are packed into each model? Details here.

SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription v7.0.7, released July 22, 2014, includes our first version for Mac OSX.

The new release also improves lightmap UV generation in the Modeler, permitting you to tune for a small texture and see the results immediately on a larger texture without disrupting the layout.  This technique allows you to tune for very small lightmap resolutions (e.g., for use with painted instances) but still preview the lightmap density at higher resolutions.

7.0.7 also addresses a number of issues related to the creation of specular atlases. With this update, specular atlases are included with all models in the SpeedTree Store, as well as the three free sample trees. Also, the SpeedTree for UE4 Modeler and Compiler will now create correct specular atlases.

If you subscribed to SpeedTree for UE4, purchased any trees or downloaded the three sample trees prior to July 22,  please log back into your account and download the updated materials.

ue4_tree_store_openThe official Unreal Engine 4.3 release is out! We’re proud to finally introduce our small library of tree models just for UE 4.3 users. It’s small because we’ve packed a lot into each species — drop-in UE 4.3 ready, very efficient lightmap-ready UVs, tuned LOD & wind, multiple resolutions, and much more. List price for models varies between $39 and $21 USD.

Take a look at what makes our UE4 models special.

Visit our tree model store or kick the tires on the SpeedTree Modeler for UE4 Subscription for just $19/month.

EDIT: Tree sale references removed on July 28.


With the release of Unreal Engine 4.3 from Epic Games, we are thrilled that the SpeedTree® run-time is now integrated into this new version so that any UE4 subscriber can add dynamic, animated models from our new SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription Tree Model Library. For a $19 a month subscription (this is a separate charge from the UE4 subscription fee), UE4 subscribers can also create and edit tree models with our SpeedTree for UE4 Modeler.

We’ve been fortunate to work with folks at Epic Games for several months on this integration, continuing the collaboration we’ve had with Epic since 2004.  As Epic founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney recently put it…

“We’ve been relying on SpeedTree for our own game development since 2007 and are using it for numerous projects today. We are very pleased to provide these outstanding vegetation tools to the wide range of developers using UE4, and encourage folks to grab the free sample trees and try out the Modeler.”

Developers who upgrade to UE4.3 can go to the new “SpeedTree for UE4” store where…

  • You can download 3 free sample trees that can immediately drop into a 4.3 project. These are high-end, beautiful trees that come fully-enabled with lightmap-ready UVs, dynamic LOD, and wind effects.
  • Browse our initial library of trees and plants (including the UE4 subscription exclusive, “Haunted Tree”) with seasonal variations, a full range of effects, and various triangle counts. List prices are between $39 USD and $21 USD, depending on the model, but are being promoted for the first 10 days of launch with a special one-third off price.
  • For $19 USD per month, you can subscribe to the SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription Modeler. No royalties, per title or per platform fees apply. Also, the SpeedTree Modeler license renews automatically, unless cancelled prior to the renewal date, and all models created and edited with the SpeedTree Modeler will continue to operate in UE4 after the Modeler expires

For those of you who haven’t seen our demo of just how SpeedTree can be seamlessly integrated into your UE4 projects, take a minute and watch the video below…

There’s a lot of exciting new possibilities with UE4.3 and SpeedTree. You can get more details about SpeedTree for UE4 Subscription, or you can get your 3 free trees, browse the SpeedTree Model Library, and subscribe to the UE4 Modeler over at UE4Trees.com.

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Just as a reminder to those who already have the preview release, the models won’t work in UE4 unless you have Unreal Engine version 4.3.

Also, when the SpeedTree® Modeler application is out of preview, you’ll be able to purchase UE4-specific models. Please do not purchase the “v7” or “v6” tree models we currently have on the SpeedTree Store, these are for animation/vfx users. They will not load in UE4 and even with a Modeler subscription, they will probably not work well in UE4.3 without modification. The UE4 models are packed with features for UE4 users and will hopefully be worth the wait!

Hey guys! We’re back home after the big Unreal Engine / SpeedTree® Twitch broadcast (watch archived broadcast video below). We had a blast! Big thanks to Epic and Dana for having us out.

UE4 SpeedTree Twitch Broadcast (6/19/14) from Epic Games
[embedplusvideo height=”315″ width=”560″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/1npQUX1″ standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/M0RrdZmYoNM?fs=1&start=695″ vars=”ytid=M0RrdZmYoNM&width=560&height=315&start=695&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep6479″ /]

We’ve received a lot of questions and comments and I wanted to post a few clarifying points about our offering to UE4 subscribers:

While SpeedTree won’t meet everyone’s vegetation needs, we hope you’ll give it a shot. We are very excited about offering a subscription model along side our good friends at Epic Games!

P.S. We saw a lot of excitement about the video we played (sorry about that glitch during the broadcast). Direct link here. Our main UE4 Subscription page is here. Thanks!

Following the E3 2014 game trailer releases? Notice some nice vegetation?

Chances are, you’re looking at SpeedTree®!

Here are a few of the games we can talk about now, with links to their E3 trailers:

Are there others? Yes, lots! Can we reveal them yet? Unfortunately, not yet, but the rest of this year and well into 2015, SpeedTree’s going to be a prominent feature in a lot of outstanding games.


There’s tons of ways to reduce triangle counts in the SpeedTree Modeler, but a big one that’s often overlooked is the Simplify tool. Simply put, Simplify reduces the number of polygons in your model by replacing complex geometry with images mapped to simple meshes. This means that you can start with a high-detail tree (2-300K or even 1M+ triangles) and use that geometry to render custom texture maps to use as the basis for a lower-detail model.

Case in point: The 300,000+ triangle model below was used to generate much lower-detail versions. Rendering and placement of the new textures is done automatically, with some artistic input from the user. You can see that simplifying at different levels has a dramatic effect on both the appearance and polygonal complexity of the result.


This feature is ideal for mobile and lower-end platform development and will be included in our UE4 and Unity 5 offerings.

For details on how this works, take a look at our Simplify documentation.

At GDC last week, Epic Games shook up the video game industry: full source code access to Unreal Engine 4 for $19/month + 5% royalties.

As some of you may know, SpeedTree is currently integrated into UE4, but up to now has only been made available to Epic’s AAA/non-subscription licensees. We were intrigued by the subscription model announcement and are moving quickly to respond.

We will absolutely make a SpeedTree offering available to UE4 subscribers and are finalizing our plans to do so. If you’d like to join our mailing list, just drop us an email at [email protected]

Update: A couple of threads over on unrealengine.com about this: here and here.